March 10, 2009

Spirit Revival Again!

Posted in Uncategorized at 11:54 pm by limitedcredit

I am really excited to have restarted this blog again. It gives me a great feeling to do it; in fact, it has been on my mind so much recently that today at work, I could not think of anything else but to come home and write something on this blog. Well, here I am!

As the title of this post states, I was not able to write a complete update on my financial position so here it is.

On the investment side, I began to put a little something into my TD Waterhouse self-directed RRSP again and I get my empliyer to deduct a percentage of my salary into a Group RRSP (which is great as that is forced savings!). I was invested in dividend stocks in my TD account but I sold out and invested it into index funds. My intention is to invest into Canadian dividend stocks which will one day (God willing), be my sole source of income but for now I intend to focus on the RRSP until I have removed more of my debt.

I have a lot to say but when the wife calls, one must answer. In fact, let me leave you with a saying I once heard in regards to marriage:

A man has two choices; He can be right or he can be happy!


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