December 9, 2007

Sunday Update

Posted in Uncategorized at 4:29 pm by limitedcredit

Payday was once more upon me on Friday and after making all the allocations, I still do not have much money left over. Nevertheless, I did accomplish to put $1 into my Laptop Fund. Yippee! 😦

At least I have made some cuts in expenditures:

1) I have cancelled my $29 monthly online DVD rental subscription (I am probably not going to see the effect of this much since this was blindly being charged to my credit card and I was not paying it off)

2) I have slashed my cell phone plan from $220 to approximately $75 monthly. (I should see the effect of this because I do pay my cell phone bill from my take-home pay.)

I am at all times on the lookout for an improved job (with better pay, of course!) but nothing has turned up yet. The key, I find, is to conceivably have faith and patience and the rest will come on its own. I have been thinking that it would be nice to find extra earnings from somewhere and I came upon Helium, who pays for articles that you can write. The thing is I am seriously thinking that possibly I should try my hand at freelance writing articles. I have some topics in mind but I want to do it the way I used to write my research essays in university — with research and take my time. I think quality is more important than quantity (plus, it is not as if even one good article is going to compensate me $1000 a month — oh, how I wish!).


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