November 27, 2007

“A Fool And His Money Soon Part Ways” — and then some!

Posted in Uncategorized at 12:37 pm by limitedcredit

Friday was payday! That was fun (while it lasted). I made all the allocations to where my money should be going and everything was going fine until yesterday. You see, it turns out that I forgot to register for the next course in my Certified General Accountant program and two outcomes occurred:

1) I had to use my credit card to pay for the course (which I should have anticipated ahead of time and saved for)

2) I had to pay an extra $30 late fee because I registered late.

Moral of the story – always remember important dates as well save up to pay for something. I will say this much to my credit that even though I HAD to use the credit card, one thing is that it might be worth going into debt for if the end result is that it will pay off down the road with a better paying job. Another point is even though I used my credit card, at least NOW I am aware that I am using debt and that it bothers me. As long as using debt will bother me, I will use it as little as possible and eventually stop using it totally.


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